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Mens Underwear from Body Aware UK and Sport Fucker

Erotic underwear made for the most adventurous straight and gay guys and sexy gay DVDs from Homoactive. Gay underwear for gay men from Sport Fucker and Body Aware and XDress and Prickly Pairs. Transvestite underwear from Xdress, formerly Aprs Noir. Our wide range of sexy underwear features many types of thongs, tangas, briefs, boxers and some of our own unique designs. These include the Prickly Pairs range of male chastity devices made from leather and plastic. Visit our website at to see our great selection of erotic underwear made only for men. Our online sportswear department includes trainers and sneakers for sale from Nike, Reebok, Puma and Adidas. We sell Nike Air Max 95. This truly is the sexiest shop in the world! Our online DVD store contains hot gay films from Homoactive including SoldierBoy, RentBoy, Rudeboiz, BikeBoy, Bareback Twink and Raw Fix. Our hot mens underwear is the most exciting thing these days. See thru underwear can be worn in the privacy of your own home, or at the beach where it is totally see through when wet. If you need poppers or Rush aroma or Hardware aroma or room deodoriser ours is the cheapest. When you visit you will find erotic underwear that is sexy and comfortable. Mens thongs, briefs and boxers can be found at where we supply many types of erotic underwear. The U121 Rubber thong is a favorite among our customers who are wearing erotic underwear. All of our customers feel we are the best place to shop when looking for erotic underwear. Body Aware makes silk, mesh, satin and uses many unique prints for all of the tangas, thongs, briefs and boxer shorts that they have designed. When someone calls our office and asks for erotic underwear, we tell them to visit or to see all of our lastest best selling underwear. Body Aware and Sport Fucker underwear is worn by men in all the countries all over the world. When a male or female is looking for erotic underwear they tend to look no further then who supplies the sexiest and exciting erotic underwear. The main focus of BodyExposed is to please all men with the designs and fabrics made by the Body Aware team to look great in erotic underwear. Erotic underwear should always look and feel wonderful against your skin and that is why was created. If you purchase erotic underwear, you will have to continue to buy from for the best quality. Erotic underwear is a smart way to meet the person of your dreams. Just slip on some bodyexposed underwear and you will never buy men's underwear from anywhere else. Bring out the true man inside and where a fabulous pair of erotic underwear. Body Aware has been around for about 20 years and is continuing to make some of the most exciting male underwear. For years customers have been ordering Bodyaware and Sport Fucker underwear from all over the world for the best quality and most fashionable styles. BodyExposed has made some styles of mens underwear that cannot be found anywhere because they are so unique. Making erotic underwear has been the dream for the founders and now they have customers all over the world. Mesh, microfibre, tactel, rubber and leather are some of the wonderful fabrics that we use for all of our erotic underwear. Whether a customer is look for conservative or erotic underwear, they can't go wrong with our exciting mens underwear collection. Please visit for an exciting selection. Hot male underwear can is worn by all the hottest celebrities that are out there. By gay men or straight. This soothing barely there underwear will look so cute with your see through thongs hanging in your closet. BodyExposed just created barely there underwear in black with white trim and also black with pink trim This hot male underwear is one of our new biggest sellers. See through thongs and thong underwear can be made in many different color and sizes. BodyExposed has made hot male underwear with our mesh, satin, and cotton materials. Our dazzling assortment of barely there underwear can be seen on our website and catalog. Thong underwear is truly loved by most men. Hot male underwear and barely there underwear feel very soft and smooth against your skin. Once you order your thong underwear the women around you will never want to leave your side. Our see through thongs will make the great start to any relationship.
Mens swimwear comes in all colors and sizes at We sell our mens swimwear to everyone in the world who is interested in buying a pair of mens swimwear. If you do not know what type of mens swimwear you like best it is best to shop at to see the most exciting mens swimwear that we have to offer. Mens swimwear are a favorite of men all over the world who love to wear mens swimwear. Our mens swimwear are great for the beach also because we make lined mens swimwear or unlined for the naked see through look. Some of our colors for our mens clothing include red, blue, black and white mens underwear and swimwear. Nike Air Max trainers are in our sportswear section. Mens swimwear look good on men of all ages, no matter if you are young or old, you will be purchasing a pair of our great mens swimwear. Mens swimwear look really good on anyone who wears a BodyExposed pair of mens swimwear.
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Hot Weather Boxer
Smooth Satin Boxer
Flapkat Boxer
Joe snyder
silk shorts
flapkat shorts
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Xdress mens underwear SPECIALS FOR MEN FROM XDRESS
Satin & Lace Bra
Rugged Lace Brief
Silk Stretch Camisole
Lace bra
Lace brief
Paris Lace camisole

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Butt Plugs
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BodyExposed - underwear for men

UK mens underwear storeOur web store contains men's underwear from the Body Aware range, lingerie from Xdress, briefs from Sport Fucker and Flapkat, and you can get the latest sex toys from Oxballs and Titus.

The new way to buy your BodyAware and Xdress men's underwear and many other exciting items. We give you 24 hour service with delivery from our London office, and prices in UK pounds. Sexy and comfortable mens tangas, thongs, shorts and briefs - styles of mens underwear made for only the most adventurous guys. Order body exposed underwear from our online store -

Our best selling underwear styles include -

Invisible Pleasure Brief, Cinco String, Extreme Chunk String, Floral Mesh Thong, Italian Microfibre Panty, Lace String, Peek-a-Boo Lace Brief, Rubber Latex Mini Short, Silk & Lace Trim Panty, Slippery Tactel Tanga, Soft Lace Tanga, Soft Silk & Lace Thong, Teardrop Mesh Tanga, The Dominator Suit, The Pure Silk Mini Brief, , Swing Brief, The Velvet Panty, The Jet Brief and the Zipper Brief


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This page has been updated to show some of our 2017/18 range. Click any of the links for full details and more styles!

We are the UK supplier of BodyAware, Sport Fucker, Brave Person and Xdress underwear. Click the menu on the left to see more products, and click any picture to see more details or to order it. Bodyexposed for Bodyaware underwearPrices are in UK currency, and the items shown are held in our UK warehouse for immediate despatch.


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